Jenna + Sam Engaged – Old Town Alexandria, VA Engagement Pictures

November 23, 2016

Alright, so this blog post is EXTRA, EXTRA special to me. The reason? This beautiful woman is my best friend, she was my maid of honor and now (11 years latter) I will be her Matron of Honor…and I couldn’t be more…honored, truly…lots of honor. She and I met in college at IUP and had far more in common than we ever could have expected. Our hearts and spirits were immediately kindred ones. Without writing a novel, she is obviously beautiful outside, but her soul has beauty that reaches to the deepest depths. She is compassionate, loving, encouraging, has immense faith, and she’s SO joyful…mostly we love being ridiculous and laughing together but she has also picked me up in hard moments when I was too weak to do it myself. She has prayed with me and helped me find myself when I had lost it. She has embraced me through every one of life’s challenges and victories, I’m here getting misty just thinking about all she is and has done for me (this is also something we both do, OY! we are criers). She is my girl, through and through and she has always been there for me no matter how many miles separated us. So in saying that it takes a very special and honorable man to be at her side, Sam is that. Thank you Sam for making my J a happy, happy girl. I love you both! Enjoy!










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