Building My Brand – Hello New Look!

March 22, 2016

Hi Everyone! I am SO excited to share with you the new brand I have created for my business! It has been a labor of love. I decided to design my logo and create my new brand MYSELF! Crazy right?! With my background in design I really did enjoy doing this. So let’s get to it!

I knew my brand needed a face lift but I really had a tough time picking a style. I love vintage and natural weathered things, but I also love the modern edge! I found I have a sort of an “old meets new” style if you will.

After long days spent on Pinterest, checking out other awesome business brands, seeing what I liked, and a lot of what I didn’t, I finally found my own NEW LOOK! Here is the brand board I created for what will be the new tone and face of me and my business!

Talia Nelson - Brand Mood Board

Since picking up my camera the very first time there has been a LOT of growth in my business, but also in my skill, style, and personality. When I first began this adventure I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but people let me play anyways LOL! I’m happy to say that with every session, every late night, and all the hours I spent learning this trade, my skill grew and so did my business. It’s truly a gift from God to have had so much success in something I am so dearly passionate about. Thank YOU to my followers, clients, family and friends for helping keep me afloat and encouraging me to do what I love! You inspire me!

I look forward to growing even more, meeting new people along the way, and capturing life’s greatest memories with you all! Here’s to a brand new start! Have a blessed day, the best is yet to come.